Riding School

The equestrian sports complex everyone, under the direction of qualified trainers can learn to confidently and beautifully stay in the saddle, manage sports horse, acquire and improve their sportsmanship. To services of our visitors equestrian sport complex offers riding lessons for people with different levels of training - from beginners to professionals.

Horse riding is a great opportunity to relieve stress and tiredness, forget about everyday problems and concerns, improve their physical fitness and health. And of course, horse riding - the incomparable emotions in communicating with the smartest animals - horse.

While riding active all the major muscle groups, respectively, muscle tone improves the body. Horse riding has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, respiratory, nervous and digestive system. Communication with horses is an excellent anti-depressant, helps to get rid of excessive anxiety.

Training programs include: individual training, lessons, participate in Amateur and professional competitions (show jumping, dressage).

For more experienced riders, horse-racing complex of Krasnodar Racecourse offers training on various kinds of equestrian sports: studies show jumping, dressage lessons and classes вольтижировкой. Organizes Amateur and regional competitions of classic types of equestrian sport. Riding lessons are conducted by experienced trainers in the indoor arena, with the observance of all safety regulations.

Time of work of the arena 8:00 to 20:00 break 12:00 to 14:00.

Lessons for riders of all levels without age restrictions.

One-time (individual) occupation - to determine the level of preparation and improvement of professional skill;

  • Subscription for 8 hours - visit within 3 months;


  • Silver subscription for 50 hours - visit within six months;


  • Gold subscription for 100 hours - visit throughout the year.

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