Poni Club

Equestrian sport complex of Krasnodar Racecourse offers You new service - pony club.

Courses at the pony club designed for children 6 years. If Your baby is younger, he can gain experience, riding, visiting individual lessons in our equestrian center.

«The horse science» for the children in the pony club starts with obtaining the skills cleaning, седловке, safety, and only then into the saddle. At the pony club children take riding lessons under the guidance of experienced trainers of equestrian sport complex: the master of sports of the Soviet Union dressage Beletskaya Nadezhda Ivanovna, candidate of master of sport of show jumping Burlaka Alexey Vladimirovich.

Young riders not only learn to stay in the saddle and care for their young horses.

Later they learn the basics of dressage - perform some elements of the higher school of riding, jumping - overcome obstacles and even engaged in вольтижировкой.

With 10 - 11 years old pupils Pony Club to take part in competitions within the club. And believe me, there's all the present: judge, score points and of course medals and prizes. And sports excitement in young riders will be no less than adults.

Little pony sport is great prospects, and equestrian complex of Krasnodar Racecourse to Pony Club, there is an especially important and serious attitude.