Equestrian sport complex of Krasnodar Racecourse conducts classes on hippotherapy and rehabilitation horseback riding (PBE).

Hippotherapy - treatment of movement of the horse - is a form of physical therapy, where as the sport equipment performs live horse. The most important therapeutic factors hippotherapy include: integrated activation and mobilization of the body is the physical and psychological motivation.

Hippotherapy sessions are conducted on a step without a saddle, sitting on a horse under the guidance of иппотерапевта patient can perform various exercises (exercises chosen individually depending on the disease), as necessary relaxation. The patients do not want independence.
The temperature of the horse's body above the human to 1.5 degrees. Movement of the muscles of the back walking horse is heated up and massaged the spastic muscles of the legs of a rider, increasing blood flow to the extremities. Improvement of blood circulation in General, improves the blood brain.

In addition, for the motionless patient is very important imitation of movements man, a normal step, because the body has its compensatory mechanisms remember the experience. And тазобедренная region and lower limbs while riding a horse, going step, mimic these complex three-dimensional movement. This has been repeatedly recorded many tutorials and films created in different countries.

That same person with a disability receives sitting on a horse? This and the development of his body, and space exploration, extension of the space, in particular, by changing the angle of view. It is difficult to convey the sense of self of the person who usually sits in a wheelchair and looks at all from below upward. And suddenly he turns on a few heads above the highest of the others, and can independently from all around. Skills of riding gives the opportunity to move from dependence to a new quality - the quality of a person, the managing large animals, sending it to the relevant side of themselves. A person begins to be proud of, it increases self-esteem, you receive the respect for yourself, improves self-control.

Success in riding form an identity: sensitivity to the movements of the horse train reaction; the ability to control the horse gives skill assessment of the situation and influence it; trust to the horse apply to trust the people with whom sick person interacts.