ООО «Краснодарский ипподром»
Адрес: г. Краснодар, ул. Беговая 11,
Тел: +7 (861) 228-69-92, 228-69-93, 228-65-03
Факс: +7 (861) 228-69-94


On the territory of трибунного complex of Krasnodar Hippodrome hotel works. The guests are offered rooms with conveniences and without facilities.

Accommodation cost:

150 rubles per day - accommodation in a room with shared bedroom.
400 rubles a day - stay in a 4-place room without a bathroom in the room.
450 roubles per day - stay in a 4-place room with amenities in the room.

Ссылка на страницу: http://www.khip.ru/en/services/hotel