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In Krasnodar Hippodrome race tests are held on Saturdays from 12.00. The Racecourse is located at Begovaya street, 11.
In front of the podium Parking lot. At the main entrance are the cash register. By purchasing a ticket, You will pass to the tribune.
Here you can buy the program, which is given important information about upcoming races: the name of the prizes, distance, prize money, time of the beginning of the race. As described in detail all the participants - the name and origin of the horses, the names of the jockeys, trainers and owners, the quantity of the won prize-winning places, playfulness and current rating. This information helps you make the winning forecast.

Spectator seats at the Hippodrome without numbers, so all are placed where it is convenient. With the upper ranks of the offer a view of the entire racing circle. Below are summer cafe. Kids can free ride on the horses.
Interesting! The more prestigious and expensive prizes are drawn - the more people in the stands. Therefore, in the day drawing of the important prizes (ACS, DERBY) it is best to come to the beginning.

Before the beginning of each horse race participants are displayed on фольткентер front of the stage. Horses are walking straight at the canter. The audience can see fit, or, in racing, terminology, the order of each applicant for a victory.
Interesting! All jockeys before the race are in the process of weighing. Weight together with the saddle should not exceed the permissible limits - 55 - 58 kg depending on the age of the horse and significance played prize.
Horses get in the starting boxes installed at appropriate distance. The referee blow the bell gives a command, boxes simultaneously open and horses take start. Jump accompanied by the judicial machine, commentator announces playfulness at each site and change of leadership. A bitter struggle for victory unfolds on the home straight to the podium. The audience loudly support the participants. Victory goes to the person who first crossed the finish line. Judges fix this moment camera (photo-finish).
The winners of those on the award accompanied by a coach and owner. Viewers have the opportunity to once again welcome and congratulate their Pets.

Racetracks all over the world are popular recreational places. Horse racing is always fascinating to watch. Event that comes in the main mass of the upper light company. This is a traditional secular entourage, expressed in the decoration of stands, elegant and exotic dresses and hats, high interest rates and unprecedented to inflame the passion and fighting competitions. Men gather to play and hold a business meeting, and women show new dresses. However, love of horses makes a single whole people of all levels of wealth and social status. Horse racing is secular, but very democratic type of holiday. At the finish line emotions equally blown all the participants and spectators of all ranks and ages.

That's, like, for a start, and all hope our checklist will help You to spend a nice day at the races! And with Your help, become a fan of racing more!
See you on the stands!